The Di Nardo Moss Project


Open Portfolio Sketch

identity | business cards etc.
Here you’ll find a variety of logo/business card designs ranging anywhere from fun and whimsical to corporate and elegant. But then that’s because our range is pretty wide open.

packaging | brochures | ads
The selections here range from old to recent which will give you an idea of the extent of our experience.

projects | whatnot
In this section we have grouped pieces according to either client, project or just because they looked right together.

presentations | & stuff
Here is a variety that could not be categorized as easily. More often than not, we make a point of enjoying our work whenever possible.
These were truly a treat to work on.

WOW! Our clients like working with us just as much as we like working with them!

about us
We are generally pretty shy, but if you are interested in knowing more, here is some background info.